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Unlocking valuable data insights through AI comes with a hefty price tag and environmental footprint. Our solution? A revolutionary approach that minimizes costs and ecological impact by processing data once and archiving results for all users. Say goodbye to repetitive data generation and hello to sustainable analytics. Join us as we refresh information periodically, ensuring accuracy without the unnecessary strain on resources. Experience the power of eco-friendly data processing today.



  • 1 trip planning
  • 100 city views
  • 0 PDF generation
  • 0 city processing
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  • unlimited trip planning
  • unlimited city views
  • unlimited PDF generation
  • 0 city processing


  • processing to extract data for a city
  • Unlimited access to cities processed by other member
  • Must have yearly plan to use processing
Process cities
Monthly advertisement


  • assign your enterprise to processed city for advertisemeent
  • Unlimited access to cities you advertise on
  • No additionnal subscriptions required
Advertise cities

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